Convergence — PhotoCup Competition

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Convergence — PhotoCup Competition Empty Convergence — PhotoCup Competition

Mensagem por Admin em Sab Mar 29, 2008 11:24 am

Mensa embraces all cultures, countries, religions, languages, races and great minds. There is one special place where all of these converge — the art of photography. A true meeting place of minds, a common language we can all share.

Since 2004 the Mensa Convergence Project has sought entries from around the Mensan world for the International Photocup competition. It is anticipated that over time participation will increase to embrace all national and emerging mensa chapters as well as direct International members, so the winner will merit the title "Mensa International Photographer of the Year."

Winners and finalists from previous competitions have been displayed in several exhibitions globally. You can see the winners of the last competitions on the webpage of Mensa Serbia at this link.

The theme for this year’s competition is "Our Country — Our Children." Each participating national Mensa holds a national competition, sending the top three place winners to the International Convergence Committee. Final selection is made by an external board of judges comprised of experts in the field. Entry is free, but you must be a financial member of Mensa for year you enter.

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