Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher,

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Collected Papers of  R.A. Fisher, Empty Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher,

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Relating to Statistical and Mathematical Theory and Applications (excluding Genetics)

The CP numbers below refer to the paper number as published in "The Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher", edited by J.H. Bennett, published in five volumes by the University of Adelaide between 1971 and 1974.
Please note that the digitized pamphlets linked within these pages are in .pdf format, and you will need
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CP1 On an Absolute Criterion for Fitting Frequency Curves.

CP4 Frequency Distribution of the Values of the Correlation Coefficient in Samples from an Indefinitely Large Population.

CP7 Biometrika.

CP12 A Mathematical Examination of the Methods of Determining the Accuracy of an Observation by the Mean Error, and by the Mean Square Error.

CP14 On the "Probable Error" of a Coefficient of Correlation Deduced from a Small Sample.

CP15 Studies in Crop Variation. I. An examination of the yield of dressed grain from Broadbalk.

CP16 Some Remarks on the Methods Formulated in a Recent Article on the Quantitative Analysis of Plant Growth.

CP18 On the Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Statistics.

CP19 On the Interpretation of x2from Contingency Tables, and the Calculation of P.

CP20 The Goodness of Fit of Regression Formulae and the Distribution of Regression Coefficients.

CP21 The Correlation of Weekly Rainfall.

CP22 (With H.G. Thornton and W.A. Mackenzie) The Accuracy of the Plating Method of Estimating the Density of Bacterial Populations.

CP23 Statistical Appendix to a Paper by J. Davidson on Biological Studies of Aphis rumicis.

CP31 Statistical Tests of Agreement Between Observation and Hypothesis.

CP32 (With W.A. Mackenzie). Studies in Crop Variation. II. The manurial response of different potato varieties.

CP32A [Review of A Treatise on Probability by J.M. Keynes.]

CP34 The Conditions Under Which x2 Measures the Discrepancy Between Observation and Hypothesis.

CP35 The Distribution of the Partial Correlation Coefficient.

CP36 On a Distribution Yielding the Error Functions of Several Well Known Statistics.

CP37 The Influence of Rainfall on the Yield of Wheat at Rothamsted.

CP39 The Theory of the Mechanical Analysis of Sediments by Means of the Automatic Balance.

CP42 Theory of Statistical Estimation.

CP43 Applications of "Student's" Distribution.

CP44 Expansion of "Student's" integral in Powers of n-1.

CP45 Note on the Numerical Evaluation of a Bessel Function Derivative (with P.R. Ansell).

CP46 Calcul de Probabilités. - Sur la solution de l'équation intégrale de M. V. Romanovsky.

CP48 The Arrangement of Field Experiments.

CP49 Bayes' Theorem and the Fourfold Table.

CP50 On the Random Sequence.

CP56 (With J. Wishart). On the Distribution of the Error of an Interpolated Value, and on the Construction of Tables.

CP58 On the Existence of Daily Changes in the Bacterial Numbers in American Soil.

CP61 The General Sampling Distribution of the Multiple Correlation Coefficient.

CP62 On a Property Connecting the X2 Measure of Discrepancy with the Method of Maximum Likelihood.

CP63 (With L.H.C. Tippett). Limiting Forms of the Frequency Distribution of the Largest of Smallest Member of a Sample.

CP67 The Effect of Psychological Card Preferences.

CP74 Moments and Product Moments of Sampling Distributions.

CP75 Tests of Significance in Harmonic Analysis.

CP76 The Sieve of Eratosthenes.

CP79 The Statistical Method in Psychical Research.

CP83 The Moments of the Distribution for Normal Samples of Measures of Departure From Normality.

CP84 Inverse Probability.

CP85 (With J. Wishart). The Arrangement of Field Experiments and the Statistical Reduction of the Results.

CP90 The Derivation of the Pattern Formulae of Two-Way Partitions From Those of Simpler Patterns.

CP91 The Sampling Error of Estimated Deviates, Together with Other Illustrations of the Properties and

CP92A Principles of Plot Experimentation in relation to the Statistical Interpretation of the Results.

CP95 Inverse Probability and the Use of Likelihood.

CP102 The Concepts of Inverse Probability and Fiducial Probability Referring to Unknown Parameters.

CP103 The Contributions of Rothamsted to the Development of the Science of Statistics.

CP108 Two New Properties of Mathematical Likelihood.

CP109 Probability, Likelihood and Quantity of Information in the Logic of Uncertain Inference.

CP111 Randomisation, and an Old Enigma of Card Play.

CP112 Appendix to a Paper by H.G. Thornton and P.H.H. Gray on the Numbers of Bacterial Cells in Field Soils.

CP123 The Mathematical Distributions Used in the Common Tests of Significance.

CP124 The Logic of Inductive Inference.

CP125 The Fiducial Argument in Statistical Inference.

CP126 The Case of Zero Survivors in Probit Assays.

CP128 Contribution to a Discussion of J. Neyman's Paper on Statistical Problems in Agricultural Experimentation

CP129 Contribution to a discussion of F. Yates' Paper on Complex Experiments (incomplete extract). Journal of

CP137 Uncertain Inference.

CP138 The Use of Multiple Measurements in Taxonomic Problems.

CP141 "The Coefficient of Racial Likeness" and the Future of Craniometry.

CP148 (With E.A. Cornish) Moments and Cumulants in the Specification of Distributions.

CP150 (With B. Day). The Comparison of Variability in Populations Having Unequal Means. An example of the analysis of covariance with multiple dependent and independent variates.

CP151 On a Point Raised by M.S. Bartlett on Fiducial Probability.

CP155 The Statistical Utilization of Multiple Measurements.

CP156 Quelques Remarques sur l'estimation en Statistique.

CP157 On the Statistical Treament of the Relation Between Sea-Level Characteristics and High-Altitude Acclimatization.

CP162 The Comparison of Samples with Possibly Unequal Variances.

CP163 The Sampling Distribution of Some Statistics Obtained From Non-linear Equations.

CP165 "Student".

CP173 On the Similarity of the Distributions Found For the Test of Significance in Harmonic Analysis...

CP174 An Examination of the Different Possible Solutions of a Problem in IncompleteBlocks.

CP175 The Precision of Discriminant Functions.

CP181 The Asymptotic Approach to Behren's Integral, with Further Tables for the d Test of Significance.

CP182 The Negative Binomial Distribution.

CP183 The Interpretation of Experimental Four-fold Tables.

CP189 The Theory of Confounding in Factorial Experiments in Relation to the Theory of Groups.

CP190 Some Combinatorial Theorems and Enumerations Connected with the Numbers of Diagonal Types of a Latin Square.

CP193 A Theoretical Distribution for the Apparent Abundance of Different Species. Journal of Animal Ecology,

CP194 Note on Dr. Berkson's Criticism of Tests of Significance.

CP195 The Therapeutic Use of Vitamin C.

CP202 A System of Confounding for Factors with More Than Two Alternatives, Giving Completely Orthogonal Cubes and Higher Powers.

CP203 The Logical Inversion of the Notion of the Random Variable.

CP204 Recent Progress in Experimental Design.

CP205 A New Test for 2 x 2 Tables.

CP211 The analysis of Covariance Method for the Relation Between a Part and the Whole.

CP212 Development of the Theory of Experimental Design.

CP222 Conclusions fiduciaires.

CP223 Calcul de Probabilités. - Un résultat assez inattendu d'arithmétique des lois de probabilité.

CP224 Biometry.

CP224A Answer to Question 14 on Combining independent tests of significance.

CP230 A Biological Assay of Tuberculins.

CP236 The Significance of Deviations From Expectation in a Poisson Series.

CP242 Statistics.

CP242A Answer to Query 91 on interaction of quantity and quality in agricultural field trials.

CP247 Sequential Experimentation.

CP249 Dispersion on a Sphere.

CP250 Note on the Efficient Fitting of the Negative Binomial.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, A, 116: 1-6 (1953); reprinted in American Scientist, 42: 275-282.

CP256 The Analysis of Variance with Various Binomial Transformations.

CP261 Contribution to a Discussion of a Paper on Interval Estimation by M.A. Creasy.

CP261A Answer to Query 114 on the effect of errors of grouping in an analysis of variance.

CP264 On a Test of Significance in Pearson's Biometrika Tables (No. 11).

CP265 New Tables of Behrens' Test of Significance.

CP267 The Underworld of Probability.

CP268 Comment on the Notes by Neyman, Bartlett, and Welch ...

CP272 The Nature of Probability.

CP273 Mathematical Probability in the Natural Sciences.

CP274 Cigarettes, cancer, and statistics.

CP281 (With E.A. Cornish) The Percentile Points of Distributions Having Known Cumulants.

CP282 Scientific Thought and the Refinement of Human Reasoning.

CP283 On Some Extensions of Bayesian Inference Proposed by Mr. Lindley.

CP284 Sampling the Reference Set.

CP285 The Weighted Mean of Two Normal Samples with Unknown Variance Ratio.

CP289 The Simultaneous Distribution of Correlation Coefficients.

CP290 The Place of the Design of Experiments in the Logic of Scientific Inference.

CP291 Confidence Limits for a Cross-Product Ratio.


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