Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher

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Collected Papers of  R.A. Fisher Empty Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher

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Relating to Genetics, Evolution, Eugenics and Miscellaneous

The CP numbers below refer to the paper number as published in "The Collected Papers of R.A. Fisher", edited by J.H. Bennett, published in five volumes by the University of Adelaide between 1971 and 1974.

CP3 Some Hopes of a Eugenist.

CP9 The Correlation Between Relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance.

CP24 On the Dominance Ratio.

CP26 Darwinian Evolution by Mutations.

CP59 On Some Objections to Mimicry Theory - Statistical and Genetic.

CP60 The Actuarial Treatment of Official Birth Records.

CP68 The Possible Modification of the Response of the Wild Type to Recurrent Mutations.

CP69 Two Further Notes on the Origin of Dominance.

CP70 Triplet Children in Great Britain and Ireland.

CP81 The Evolution of Dominance; Reply to Professor Sewall Wright.

CP86 The Distribution of Gene Ratios for Rare Mutations.

CP87 The Evolution of Dominance in Certain Polymorphic Species.

CP88 Mortality Amongst Plants and its Bearing on Natural Selection.

CP93 The Evolution of Dominance.

CP96 (With F.R. Immer and O. Tedin). The Genetical Interpretation of Statistics of the Third Degree in the Study of Quantitative Inheritance.

CP97 The Evolutionary Modification of Genetic Phenomena.

CP98 The Bearing of Genetics on Theories of Evolution.

CP99 The Social Selection of Human Fertility.

CP104 On the Evidence Against the Chemical Induction of Melanism in Lepidoptera.

CP105 Selection in the Production of the Ever-Sporting Stocks.

CP116 Some Results of an Experiment on Dominance in Poultry, with Special Reference to Polydactyly.

CP117 Crest and Hernia in Fowls Due to a Single Gene Without Dominance.

CP119 Professor Wright on the Theory of Dominance.

CP121 Indeterminism and Natural Selection.

CP122 Adaptation and Mutations : A Lecture to the Science Masters' Association...

CP133 The Sheltering of Lethals.

CP135 Dominance in Poultry.

CP144 Has Mendel's Work been Rediscovered?

CP147 The Measurement of Selective Intensity.

CP152 The Wave of Advance of Advantageous Genes.

CP153 The Relation Between Variability and Abundance Shown by the Measurements of the Eggs of British Nesting Birds.

CP161 Dominance in Poultry: feathered feet, rose comb, internal pigment and pile.

CP167 Selective Forces in Wild Populations of Paratettix texanus.

CP170 (With E.B. Ford and J. Huxley). Taste-testing the Anthropoid Apes.

CP172 The Galton Laboratory.

CP179 (With G.L. Taylor). Scandinavian Influence in Scottish Ethnology.

CP180 The Galton Laboratory.

CP185 Average Excess and Average Effect of a Gene Substitution.

CP206 The Hereditary and Familial Aspects of Exophthalmic Goitre and Nodular Goitre.

CP213 The Theory of Linkage in Polysomic Inheritance.

CP214 The Rhesus Factor : A Study in Scientific Method.

CP219 The Spread of a Gene in Natural Conditions in a Colony of the Moth Panaxia Dominula L.

CP221 The Sex Chromosome in the House Mouse.

CP226 A Twelfth Linkage Group of the House Mouse.

CP229 What Sort of Man is Lysenko?

CP231 Note on the Test of Significance for Differential Viability in Frequency Data from a Complete Three-Point Test.

CP232 The Quantitative Study of Populations in the Lepidoptera 2. Maniola Jurtina L.

CP233 A Preliminary Linkage Test with Agouti and Undulated Mice.

CP235 The Linkage Problem in a Tetrasomic Wild Plant, Lythrum Salicaria.

CP237 A Class of Enumerations of Importance in Genetics.

CP238 Gene Frequencies in a Cline Determined by Selection and Diffusion.

CP239 The "Sewall Wright Effect".

CP241 Creative Aspects of Natural Law.

CP243 Standard Calculations for Evaluating a Blood-Group System.

CP248 Statistical Methods in Genetics.

CP252 Population Genetics. The Croonian Lecture, 1953.

CP253 The Variation in Strength of the Human Blood Group P.

CP258 Retrospect of the Criticisms of the Theory of Natural Selection.

CP259 A Fuller Theory of "Junctions" in Inbreeding.

CP277 Polymorphism and Natural Selection.

CP278 The Discontinuous Inheritance.

CP279 Natural Selection from the Genetical Standpoint.

CP280 An Algebraically Exact Examination of Junction Formation and Transmission in Parent-offspring Inbreeding.

CP286 Possible Differentiation in the Wild Population of Oenothera Organesis.

CP287 A Model for the Generation of Self-Sterility Alleles.

CP292 Enumeration and Classification in Polysomic Inheritance.

CP293 Self-Sterility Alleles: a Reply to Professor D. Lewis.

CP294 The Detection of a Sex Difference in Recombination Values Using Double Heterozygotes.


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