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International Special Interest Groups (ISIGs)

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International Special Interest Groups (ISIGs) Empty International Special Interest Groups (ISIGs)

Mensagem por Admin em Sab Mar 29, 2008 12:50 pm

What is an ISIG?

International Special Interest Groups (ISIGs) are SIGs that are open for Mensa members worldwide. They are a platform for the members, worldwide, to join other SIGs, to exchange ideas and to get more out of their membership. They also offer a tremendous opportunity for the members in the remote areas of the world, especially the Direct International Members (DIMs), to get more involved in Mensa.

ISIGs may operate like a conventional SIG (e.g. distributing paper-based newsletters) or purely electronically (e.g. via mailing-lists or web-forums). The latter ones are referred to as E-SIGs.
Which ISIGS exist? How do I join?
Currently, the following ISIGs are recognized. To join, please contact the administrator of the ISIG.

GENESIG (English e-SIG) - Genealogy - American Mensa , or contact

HAMSIG (English e-SIG) - Ham Radio Operators - American Mensa, or contact

Martial Arts — Bujutsuka (English e-SIG) - Research, discussion and practice of the world's martial arts - American Mensa, or contact

M-Reinsurance (English e-SIG) For members of any national Mensa who are in the reinsurance industry. It is intended to be a forum for discussing industry trends and for sharing news items of interest to reinsurance professionals. (We also share insurance and reinsurance jokes).
Contact: Christian Haerle,
Homepage: Mensa Switzerland

SAILBUMS (English e-SIG) To get to know other Mensa sailors and to sail together in different areas of the world Michele St. Pierre — contact American Mensa

Travel SIG (English Paper-based SIG) Our purpose is to promote travel and foster contact amongst Mensans worldwide. We publish a newsletter, VISA, for the exchange of views and ideas. We also organise illustrated lectures and other events, and we provide a forum for Mensans to debate the issues and effects of tourism. Barry Needoff at or British Mensa

Webheads (English e-SIG) Discussions about Web development, or contact Daniel Tobias, American Mensa

I am the administrator of a (national) SIG. What do I have to do to make it an ISIG?

ISIGs must abide by additional SIG rules. The complete regulations can be found in the minutes of the 2006 IBD meeting that are available on the MIL Governance page of this website. The most important additional rules are:

1. The International SIG must acknowledge that it will continue to operate under the terms and conditions of the Constitution and bylaws (if any) of the hosting Mensa and that Mensa International will not be responsible for any commitment undertaken by an ISIG. The recognition as ISIG does not change the legal status of the SIG nor create a legal entity.

2. The International SIG must have a designated administrator and at least one deputy administrator, to guarantee the continuity of the SIGs.

3. The International SIG administrator will be in charge of verifying the membership status of the ISIG members. The ISIG applicants/members will provide a proof of membership on request of the ISIG administrator.

4. The International SIG has to make a clear written statement as to what their operating language(s) will be. It can be any language, it can be more than one language.

If the SIG fulfills these conditions, than you can apply for ISIG recognition with your National SIG coordinator (NatSIGCo) (or national Mensa Board in case your national Mensa did not appoint a NatSIGCo).
I have some more questions on that topic. Whom may I ask?
Please ask the International SIG Coordinator, Markus Schauler.

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International Special Interest Groups (ISIGs) Empty Mathematics SIG

Mensagem por Convidad em Sab Abr 05, 2008 9:30 am


I am starting a new Mathematics SIG for promoting discussions among Mensans of mathematical topics ranging from high school to post graduate, software, jobs, etc. The major source of communication will be via a forum. I have also added an image gallery. I may add a newsletter sometime later. The website / forum is up and running at
You are welcome to come by, check it out, register, and start posting. There is no fee for the SIG. You may also email me at I am interested in hearing any comments, suggestions about the forum and SIG itself. I look forward to meeting everyone.
Chris Johnson
Absolutely. Welcome. You can go to to register.


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